Working in logistics in The Netherlands

A ‘logistics worker’ is rather a broad term to define this type of employee. Logistics workers are able to find jobs in all the different stages of the logistics process. These could be jobs on an operational, tactical, strategic or on a (customer) support level, for example: being responsible for the correct planning of transport, managing the stock in the warehouse, or making and checking (transport) documents.

Other typical jobs in logistics are

  • Working at the airport (Schiphol);
  • Driving a truck;
  • Driving a train;
  • Working in the stockroom;
  • Working in the (Rotterdam) harbour;
  • Working for (inter) national transport companies;
  • Working as mover or driver for logistics companies.

Logistics is more than just the transportation of goods and products from point A to B. In fact, it is a journey that starts with the purchase of commodities, and it only finishes when the customer has received the end product. Before this ‘end product’ finds its way from point A to point B, there are lots of different processes and stages involved, such as: organization and planning, transport and exportation.

Entering a dynamic logistical world

Working in logistics can be quite challenging. Managing the supply chain and making sure the right products are delivered at the right place and right time, is definitely not an easy task. Moreover, no day is the same in logistics. A majority of organizations work with systems that are active 24/7, due to increasing globalization. The online magazine ‘Evofenedex’ states that in 15 years time, there will be practically no (logistics) organizations left that only operate nationally. This means that companies and their employees will have to increase their level of flexibility to keep up.

Logistics is the future! 

The logistics sector needs to keep up with new technological developments and requirements. Before a large automation (‘automatisering’) can take place, there’s a big logistic process attached to be able to make this possible. Just think, for instance, about ordering a new product online. In many cases, it is possible to deliver these products even the same day to consumers. This requires a great number of logistics workers to think of innovative and sustainable ways and solutions to renew and to simplify the various logistic processes. Due to the (forever) growing e-commerce branch, distribution centers are getting larger and larger, which means the future looks bright for anyone who’s keen on working in logistics.

Working in logistics: only benefits!

In case you’re (still) not sure whether you want to work in logistics, then the benefits that are highlighted below will probably help take away any remaining doubts.

Lots of new contact

If you’re someone who enjoys meeting new people, then working in logistics is definitely something you should consider, as you’ll be communicating with lots of different people. Often you will have to communicate with people in different countries. This way, you will not only improve your language-skills, but you’ll also be able learn about new cultures and gain some experience in the international trade.

Lot’s of variety

Your daily tasks are often very diverse, which keeps things interesting and will give you the feeling that your workday flies by.

Loads of growth opportunities

When you choose to work in logistics, your chances of a promotion are very high. It is a well-known fact that logistics companies prefer to promote their present employees, than hiring ‘outsiders’. With other words: you’ll have a lot of opportunities to develop.

In case you have already gained some experience in the international trade in the past, then this could give you a jump-start for a career abroad, which means you have all sorts of exciting new possibilities.

Start your logistics adventure now at Student Inhuren 

Student Inhuren is an employment agency that is specialized in helping new talents, students, young professionals and other ambitious (young) people to find jobs in logistics.

Student Inhuren currently have job opportunities in the following logistical areas:

  • Movers;
  • Chauffeurs;
  • Retail;
  • Warehouse;
  • Courier;
  • Stockroom.

If you have any questions regarding a vacancy or temporary project, then please don’t hesitate to give us a call or send us an information-request via our website. The contacts at Student Inhuren will gladly help you to answer any concerns or questions you might have.

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