How to recruit students

Many organizations are looking for working students or interns. In this blog, we will tell you more about how to recruit students and give you some tips.


Recruiting students

If you mainly want to recruit students, you have to adjust the campaigns and vacancies accordingly. There are certain factors that attract more students. For example, the working hours, students are still studying besides working, so they will mainly look for jobs in the evening and weekends. Another thing to keep in mind, is that their work will not be the main focus, but their study will be. So, it’s important that the work does not have to be taken home afterward.


Student inhuren for employers

At Student inhuren you can post vacancies. For €150, – you can place a vacancy on our website with a few benefits:

  • Unlimited number of applications
  • Receive applications directly by email
  • View the resume and profile immediately
  • Your own logo at the vacancy
  • Your vacancy in the spotlight in our database
  • Your vacancy text will be checked and possibly improved by us


There are only a few steps you have to go through:

  1. Create an account – This goes very easy and fast
  2. Place the vacancy – After creating an account, it takes only a few minutes to post a vacancy. Fill in what you are looking for and add the vacancy text.
  3. Receive reactions on your vacancy – With every reaction you get on the vacancy, you will receive an email. You can also see the details of the applicant in your online dashboard.


Student inhuren for student jobseekers

We are not only helping employers, but also employees. If you are a student and seeking for a job, we are here to support you. With our wide range of vacancies within our job board, we probably have a job that suits you. It’s not easy to find a job besides studying, so that’s why we focus on the students. Our jobs are very diverse and often also available for the evenings and weekends. The jobs we offer are various. We have vacancies for cleaners and window cleaners, but also many vacancies for jobs in logistics. It just depends on your preference.



3 tips on how to recruit students

After you have placed your vacancy on Student-inhuren, there are a few tips we have for you on how to recruit students the best way.

  1. Focus on the working conditions
    Good primary and secondary working conditions are very important for students. They want a pleasant working atmosphere, and the performance is also better if there are good working conditions.
  2. Engage with students
    Another tip is to interact with students and immerse yourself in them. This way you will also attract more students.
  3. Use real office photos
    And last but not least, use real photos of your office on the website and vacancies. This way students will get a real impression of the company, otherwise they will have certain expectations and may be disappointed when they see that it’s not as they imagined.


Do you want to recruit students?

Student inhuren helps organizations throughout the Netherlands with talented students for a fixed hourly rate. The students are studying at university, often a study in the financial, legal or information and communication technology sector. The purpose of working students is that you bind highly educated and talented employees to your company for the longer term.


Student inhuren is not only helping employers with new work students, but also helps students to find a new job. Are you interested in recruiting students, but do you want more information, or do you have any questions about it? Don’t hesitate and contact us!


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