Hiring student movers

On this page you will find all the possibilities for hiring a student mover.

Offerte aanvragen

Direct contact with a recruiter.

After you have submitted your request for a student mover, one of our recruiters will start looking for suitable candidates straight away.

You will not have any employer risk

One of the biggest benefits you get from hiring (temporary) employees is that you won’t have to worry about any contractual obligations towards these employees.

Students throughout The Netherlands

You are able to hire employees rapidly and throughout the whole country.

plan van aanpak

Self recruiting

Post your vacancy on Student inhuren and follow up talented candidates yourself.

Outsource recruiting

Outsource the recruitment to us. We provide a talented candidate and we take care of the payment.

Direct kandidaten

At Student Inhuren we work hard to provide you with a student mover as soon as possible. Normally, we can send you a proposal within one week, unless you have very specific requirements. Contact us, so we can inform you about all of our possibilities.

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What are the costs of student movers?

If you are thinking of hiring a student with experience in relocation, then you should take into account that the costs will be around €25 euros an hour. The exact rate depends on a couple of factors, such as the age of the student(s), the number of movers you would like to hire and how much experience these students have in relocating.

If you have any further questions regarding the rate, then please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Attractive housing market and the economy

The economy is running at full speed again. This means that many companies and individuals are looking for new places to live or to do their business at. In the last 2,5 years there has been an increasing demand for movers that either work for private individuals, as well as movers that are assigned to certain (business) projects. Student Inhuren assigns tens of student movers on a daily basis. We do this, to support company relocations and private relocations.

Specialized relocations

Mike Gordijn leads the relocation branch of Student Inhuren. Mike is also the main contact person, listed on the right side of this page. If you have any questions about hiring student movers, or if you are in need of some professional advice, then Mike will gladly help you to answer any questions. For more information regarding student movers, you can also schedule an appointment with Mike, without any strings attached. Mike has worked in logistics and in the relocation branch for over 15 years, and has a lot of experience.

We work exclusively for companies

Student Inhuren does not assign student movers directly to individuals. We only work for companies that manage the entire relocation. Are you in need of student movers for a private relocation? Please contact Mike Gordijn to find out about the possibilities.


Contact 06 - 27181445
Klantenvertellen Student Inhuren - 8.5

How do we operate?

Would you like to hire student movers? After you have agreed with our terms and conditions, you will get access to our online-platform. Via this online-platform you can place your planning and start hiring student movers immediately. The student movers, subsequently, will report at the agreed time and location, ready to start the removal work.

Who do we work for?

Student Inhuren works for renowned removal-organisations such as UTS, Mondial Movers, Topmovers and other recognized (and licensed) removal companies. Our student movers are assigned to private relocations, company relocations and to government relocations. All of our student movers are in the possession of a pair of black work trousers, work shoes and a black t-shirt.

Would you like to hire an entire team with student movers?

Do you not just need one, but a whole team of student movers to get the job done? In that case, we would also gladly provide you with this. A ‘team of movers’ can, depending on your needs, consist of: movers, chauffeurs, carriers and/or foremen. It is important to understand that when hiring student movers, this will not include any materials or transport. You will have to take care of this yourself. Moreover, we assign these so called ‘moving teams’ to relocation companies and regular companies only, and not to private individuals.

The movers from Student Inhuren

The movers from Student Inhuren are carefully selected on a number of strict criteria. The planners at Student Inhuren are responsible for recruiting and selecting new (student) movers. During the recruiting and selection process, the physical condition, the communication skills and the way the candidates represent themselves, will all be taken into account. It’s self-evident that movers visit a lot of different houses and companies during their work, which means they have to deal with a lot of different (types of) people. Therefor, it’s essential that movers are reliable and trustworthy people, and know how to handle responsibility.


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Contact 06 - 27181445

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"Wij zijn erg tevreden met Student-inhuren.nl, zij leveren kwalitatief goed personeel. Zij kunnen ad-hoc personeel leveren wat bij ons vaak voorkomt, nee komt niet voor in hun woordenboek. Wij zijn een 24-uurs bedrijf, 7 dagen per week beschikbaar en Inhuren helpt ons altijd als wij het hun vragen."

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